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Tyler & Sydnee's Engagement

Let me just start off by saying... I cannot believe I had to opportunity to photograph an engagement! Like what?! It is a photographers dream to capture one of the most happy moments in someones life! Sydnee reached out to me asking about a couple session with her and her boyfriend but what she didn't know was her boyfriend (soon to be fiancé) Tyler reached out to me that same evening to see if I he could propose during the shoot! My answer... HECK YES! Over the next week or so Tyler and I ironed out all the details and when that pretty fall evening came along I couldn't even contain the excitement. We met at the beautiful Klondike park and started the session with a few photos of them and their cutie pup Wrangler. After 30-45 minutes I had them change into their second outfit and we were off to the other side of the pond to get to the most perfect spot for the proposal! I had them stand hand in hand infant of the lake with the prettiest fall colors behind them, and I asked Tyler to tell Syndee allll the things he loves about her! It was then that he got to tell her all the reasons why he wanted to spend forever with her and got down on one knee to ask her to marry him!! It was soo so perfect, I think I cried a little myself! Just take a look for yourself!

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