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Amanda & Dalton | Wedding

WOW! The word of the day after experiencing this beautiful wedding. Everything about Amanda and Dalton's wedding day was truly perfect! I was lucky enough to film this perfect wedding but also snagged a few photos to share here :) Amanda and I actually went to the same grade/middle school but didn't quite know each other because of the few years in between us but when a mutual friend of ours shared a post of mine, Amanda reached out to see if i would be up to film her wedding! Of course i jumped on the opportunity because wedding videography has always been such a interest of mine! Not only did i get to spend the day with these pretty people but i was able to spend it with my plus one who just happens to be a full time cinematographer/ videographer. Its always a plus when you get to do what you enjoy with the people you enjoy (plus he's good looking and knows how to work a camera) ;)

All and all these two had such a beautiful day and i am so so happy i was there to capture it and create something they will cherish forever! Highlight film coming soon!!

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